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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Five bucks, eighteen stacks: The Wrap-Up; Clearance Question

Wasn't that fun? It took me thirteen posts to get through all eighteen stacks. Most of the cards were from 2001, but there were a few odd years included!

For $5, I ended up with around a thousand cards. But one thousand cards means nothing if they can't be used in my collection!

I tallied up my counts from the previous posts, and I added one hundred cards to my Awards/Leaders Collection from this lot! That means I paid five cents per card added to the collection - a great price that I couldn't get picking through boxes at the local shows. I'm very happy with my grabs!

Now I have a bit of a cardboard conundrum. Space in my little place is too limited to keep so many extras around, and it's time to clear out the extra cards from my previous year's purchases. I'll be announcing a clearance "sale" of sorts in the near future, once I get all these cards sorted into my team stacks. I will probably do the sorting in the next week. If you want any of the stacks from this box, let me know now, before I start sorting! Once the cards are in team lots, I'll post an announcement for sale. I'm thinking about $5 shipped for all my cards from a particular team (most teams have about 50 cards before these are added, not counting 2011 Topps or Gypsy Queen). Most teams have at least a few inserts, and cards range from the late '70s through 2011, with most being from the past 15 years. Do you think that's fair? Is there interest in this? I'm basically trying to clear the cards out, but I can't afford $100+ in shipping to give them away for free.


  1. Is it too early to claim the Braves stack once you get them sorted?

  2. I would be in for the Mariners cards in the box.