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Monday, August 22, 2011

San Francisco Bay Area - Card Show This Weekend/Next Month Shows

If you aren't aware, a major card show will be in Santa Clara this weekend at the Convention Center. GT Sports Marketing is running a "Football Experience" Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. Brandon Belt will be signing from $45, if you're into that thing (there are many more guests listed on the site). Admission is $10 on Saturday and Sunday, but I'll be there Friday evening, when admission is free!

My experience with a previous GT Sports show is that there will be a decent number of dealers set up, but it won't be as good as the semi-annual San Leandro show. If you don't go for autographs, visit on Friday evening and save $10.

There are two shows scheduled for next month that I'm currently aware of. One will be at Vallco Shopping Mall in Cupertino, September 17 and 18. The other is the larger Serramonte Mall card show (they take over a good bit of space), September 24 and 25. I've reported on this show before (post one and two), and if getting to South SF is easy enough for you, I recommend a visit (drive or bus from BART - Serramonte has a SamTrans bus hub).

If you're going to GT Sports, let me know! Or if you've been chime in with your thoughts.


  1. Well I think Taylor Mays will cancel haha. I'm not sure if I can go but I'll see.

  2. and Marshall Faulk is one of my all-time favorites, but $85 seems a bit ridiculous for someone who is signing thousands of cards for Madden this year.

  3. I can't see paying those prices for any of them. If I can get a certified autograph for less, I can skip the five-second meeting. I understand the signers want to get paid, and the promoters need their cut too, but they seem ridiculous. As you say, $85 for someone who just signed thousands of cards is too much.

  4. Plunkett and Biletnikoff are signing any object pretty cheap though. There are some players like Vernon Davis (as much as I hate the 49ers) who are signing for reasonable prices. I might go for Brandon Belt and maybe a Curry basketball if I can make it. What I really don't get is why I have to pay $125 to take a picture with an athelete...

  5. I think the picture thing is a new development over the past few years, and it's really overpriced. I'm not interested anyway, unless it's a picture of me hugging Elisha Cuthbert or something.

    Brandon Belt seems to be reasonable (no idea on the non-baseball), but even then his Bowman certified autos are going for less on the Bay.