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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bowman Darmstadtium, er, Platinum

Science lesson for the month: Darmstadtium is element 110 on the periodic table. It's synthetic and lasts for less than one-thousandth of a second. In other words, it's a novelty element that costs a fortune to obtain, and if you happen to have any, it decays into something worthless in no time at all. (Maybe I should have saved this element for Bowman Sterling?)

I picked up two rack packs of Bowman Platinum when I bought my Topps sticker album. One pack had nothing special (three purple refractors). The other pack had two of the veteran/rookie color parallels.
 Here are the "main" set, gold and emerald parallel cards headed for the Cardboard Zoo. The parallels aren't refractors, just colored foils. The base cards are just foils as well, but as you can see they scan wonderfully. In fact, they look better scanned than in person!
 The prospect cards all look like Finest cards, with a brighter sheen (refractor-like). Prospects are easily distinguished by the change in design at the bottom of the card. You can see the purple refractor on the right. The scanning of the purple refractor with the base card is not what caused the strange coloring on the Holt card.
 Maybe I should scan these all on the left side of the scanner, because as you see, some kind of strange reflecting occurs that creates those vertical lines. All the base cards shown above and below are for trade.
 Here are the purple prospect refractors that are available for trade.
 And below are the base prospects I have available for trade. You can see the strange purple/orange kind of tint that showed up when scanning them, though they aren't like that in person! As usual with Bowman, I have no idea who any of these players are.

I believe I'm done with Bowman Platinum packs. I need plenty of refractors and colored parallels, but I'll just wait a few months. There will be a few dealers dumping some of the failed prospects cheap, just like every other year! On the other hand, if you have some other parallels/refractors you'd like to trade for any of these cards, let me know!

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