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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Five bucks, eighteen stacks Part 8

We're not done with Upper Deck products. We continue our trip into the box with 2000 Pros and Prospects. Yes, it's a box-worth of cards from a year other than 2001! I'm as amazed as you are.
The design isn't attractive, mainly because of all the empty white space. All "printing" on the front of the card is done in foil, which makes it difficult to read, and the player's name is sunk down on the back, slowing down the reading that way.
Like most Upper Deck products of the previous decade, this set focuses only on the money cards - stars and rookies. The base set is only 132 cards, and the lot held 82 base cards.
There was a surprise! This is an insert called ProMotion. I didn't need a Nomar, nor do I need the card for my Zoo collection, so it's available for trade.
Of the 82 base cards, I needed five, including three Andruw Jones. More tomorrow!

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