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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Seven Bucks Went a Long Way (The Finale)

 Okay, let's wrap this up.

Through 11 packs, we've had ups and downs. Looking over at the piles of cards from this endeavor, I'm pretty happy so far. Sure, some packs were relatively boring, full of flagship Topps from 3-5 years ago, with average-at-best players in average-at-best photos. But those average players on average cards with average photos have a place in my collection. 

The last pack had 25 cards, including the most valuable ones in the entire lot. Let's see what awaits us, shall we?

I've already talked Tek. This is a great card, but I don't need Cano.
A lot of people love 1987 Topps, and this silver pack promo of Bumgarner looks great. But when I was a kid first looking at the 1987 design, I felt like I was looking at my dining room table. I didn't like that dining room table, so I didn't like the design. These days, I can appreciate it more, but it's still not my favorite. The Taijuan Walker gold card is a nice addition, but I need either of these cards. 
Tomoyuki Sugano has never played in MLB, but he is a star in NPB. This WBC card is a double for me, so I don't need it. The Juan Soto is very welcome to my collection, though, as the first card from this pack I'm keeping.
Ke'Bryan Hayes is already represented in my archives, so this 2019 Topps Pro Debut card doesn't fit in my collection. I collect Jose Altuve, and I love to see his cards, but I have this one. So two more rejects.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Here in Japan, these are big money cards. Especially that Ohtani. But I do need them both!
Some 2021 Topps Fire. Those backgrounds are really loud! Jeter isn't needed, but I'll save him for later. Yermin Mercedes is needed!
I guess these two Fire cards are the neon design. I'm surprised Dallas Keuchel is still around, not because he is bad, but because I don't remember him being good for anything other than a perfect game. But he won a Gold Glove last year. Trea Turner hit for the cycle last year. So I need both of these cards!
Charlie Blackmon and Christian Yelich are good players, but I don't need their cards. 
These 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Pick cards feature two players that have yet to step on the field during a Major League game. Cosart is a refractor.
Miguel Almonte did get a cup of coffee in 2015, and Brett Graves finally got the call in 2018. I need both of these cards!
The whitte-bordered card of Gavin LaValley is a "paper" Bowman card. Why do we need to call them paper cards? Bowman is Bowman. Bowman Chrome is Bowman Chrome. I don't hear anyone refer to Topps flagship cards as "paper" Topps. Get off my lawn. LaValley never made the majors. Spencer Adams played from 1923-1927. But that's not the Spencer Adams above. So I don't need either of these cards.
Ryan Castellani made his debut in 2020, but I already have a card for him in my archives. And paper doll Joe Gatto isn't needed any more than Chrome robot Joe Gatto.
Two more pieces of paper. Austin DeCarr moved over to independent league teams from 2020, but I'd be surprised to see him playing next year given his stats. Brett Graves already got his card earlier in this pack in Chrome form. So here are two rejects.

What's this? A hit? Casey Mize had a pretty good year last year, so this is a decent card to have in my collection. I want some relics from this set with the Santa hat or other Christmas icons. This is only the third card from this lots I've added to my type collection.

And one more big hit to wrap this up! It's an autograph gold parallel from 2021 Topps Pro Debut of Yordys Valdes. I'm not expecting Valdes to be a superstar or anything, but this is just a nice card to add to my type collection!

For the twelfth and final pack, two cards were added to my type collection, two cards cover awards, and six cards go to the archives. Plus one card is in the saved-for-later stack. So of 25 cards, 10 or 11 were keepers. There are some nice cards that didn't make the cut, but the two hits made this pack the most valuable, both monetarily and sentimentally.

So that wraps up this nearly two-week long series. For just 700 yen shipped, I ended up with hours upon hours of entertainment just to start with. Around here, the cheapest karaoke is 300 yen per hour, and I got much more than 2 1/2 hours of fun! (I do love karaoke, though.)

Card-wise, here are the results.

  • Type collection: 4 cards (two hits, one numbered parallel, and one unnumbered parallel)
  • Player collection: 1 card (one base card)
  • Awards collection: 20 cards
  • Live Game collection: one James Loney card
  • Archives collection: 135 cards
  • An additional 23 cards which might fit somewhere into some upcoming projects
So for, again, just 700 yen - less than $7 - I ended up with 161 new cards in my collections and 23 more that could be added later! That's somewhere around four cents per card, including the autograph and jersey cards! There's a big stack of about 300 cards I don't need, but even so, this was a great project. I might flip through those extra cards one more time and then see if I can give them to some of my students or something.

Meanwhile, I've received several packages lately, so it's time to do some scanning! Until next time...

Monday, February 14, 2022

Seven Bucks Goes a Long Way - Part (7-)11.

 I thought you'd like to know I just sneezed. It's the 15th here, but for those of you not in Japan - most of you, I suppose - happy Valentine's Day!

Today's card pack is very uninspired. So I think we're going to play need it-got it. Here we go.

Got it. Got it.
I love Gallery. But, got it. Got it.
Need it - Joe McCarthy had his debut in 2020! Got it.
So begins the horizontal cards. Can't use combo cards!
Need it. Can't use it. Can't use it. Can't use it. The Blue Jays celebration card is quite lackluster. Just a little bash brothers-style arm bump. The D-Backs have water, at least!
Need it. Can't use it. Can't use it. Got it. The Indians celebration card isn't too exciting, and honestly, neither is the Brewers card. At least the Brewers card features throwback uniforms.
Got it. Got it.
Got it. Need it.
Got it. Got it. How about that - two Seth Smith cards from the same year with two different uniforms! Hello, Update card!
Need it. Got it.
Need it. Need it.
Got it. Got it.
Ack! A few sideways scans. I apologize profusely. Need it. Got it. Those Padres-themed All-Star jerseys were cool.
Need it. And need it - the Bartolo Colon is headed to my Player Collection, because Bartolo Colon hitting a home run.
Got it. Need it!
Got it. Got it.
Got it. Got it.
Got it. Got it.
Need it. Got it.
Got it. Got it. Okay, we're basically through the flagship Topps.
Okay, one more Topps, but at least it's the good design. But... Got it. Got it.

Well, that was a pack. I really don't have anything more to say about it. I needed 12 cards - one player collection single, one card for the awards (Buster Posey), and the remaining 10 cards heading to the archives. One more pack remains. What awaits? Tune in next time. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Seven Bucks Goes a Long Way, Tenth Edition


Here's the tenth level of hell. Or just the tenth pack in this big box of random cards. Yesterday's pack had a lot of great stuff, but will this one follow up with a decent offering?

Two great photos in Stadium Club. I don't need either card, though. I will save these two in case I can use them later.
Miguel Gomez is a RC that I need, but I have enough Ervin Santana.
Corey Kluber and Starling Marte are good, but I don't need these cards either.
The Paulo Orlando card has a great shot which unfortunately usually end up as SPs. I'm glad this isn't an SP!  I don't need it, but I'll keep it for now. I definitely need the Keith Hessler card.
Here are two more strikeouts. The Mark Trumbo has a nice photo, though.
And I don't need Michael Fulmer or Jorge Alfaro.
Tyler O'Neill is a new addition to my collection, but Syndergaard's 1985 throwback isn't.
I got a Niko Goodrum card before, but this is my first Emilio Pagan, so that one is a keeper.
Caleb Smith: keeper. Anibal Sanchez: not.
Two more cards I don't need. So many cards of pitchers in the middle of their delivery, and batters batting. There really isn't much to talk about here.
I need the Tauchmann, at least. But not the Jackson.
Two more cards I don't need.
Nick Hundley is a gold card and I need it! But Brandon Finnegan gets added to the growing discard pile.
Two more cards I don't need.
Homer. He was born before the Simpsons were a thing, but I bet he had it really bad in school. I like the Brett Lawrie card, plus I need it!
Two more cards I don't need.
Austin Bibens-Dirkx has one of the longest last names I've seen on a card. And his card has a space in my collection. Ohlman will disappear.
Chris Young played for 13 years, but I haven't come across his card until now, so he's a keeper. Matt Belisle is already represented.
At first glance, both players have the same pose. But then you see that Sonny Gray is pitching and Lorenzo Cain is catching. Too bad I don't need these two either.
Paul Blackburn is needed. Nomah isn't. Okay, not Nomah. Nomar.
Two more cards I don't need.
Two more cards I don't need. Roger Maris might be useful, so I'll put him aside for now, too.

Well, that happened. A few interesting photos, a lot of flagship Topps, and a bunch of cards I don't need. In the end, eleven cards were added to my collection, which isn't as bad as I thought. And four other cards might be useful. But flagship Topps is thin card stock, so there were 29 additional cards that I can't fit in my collections.

There are two more packs remaining, including the big "hit" pack. What's coming up? Well, I'm guessing there'll be a lot more flagship Topps. Find out next time!