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Want Lists are located here. NPB Baseball Want List is located here.

Want Lists

Set singles: This is the important list of cards I want.

Type collections: Use the menu at the bottom to select the year/range to view. Marks in the leftmost column ("X" or "SET" or "J", for example) identify cards I already have. I want one card from each set without these marks.

Player collections: select the player using the menu bar at the bottom. To move left and right in the player list, click the arrows at bottom-right. Or select this link for the spreadsheet in HTML form (for smartphone users). Cards with an X in the left column are ones I don't need.

Vintage Topps (through 1979): Cards listed in this spreadsheet are ones I currently have. Condition isn't too important.

Awards and Leaders: I need one single card for each player or team listed. If a player is listed multiple times, I need multiple cards for that player. If a team is listed with a player, I need a card with the player shown on that team. Here is a link to the HTML spreadsheet.