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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

On Haitus, But Trades!

Last weekend I made the big move around the corner to my new apartment. Yes, literally around the corner. However I didn't take my internet with me - I only have what I can get through my four year old iPhone 4S. For the time being posting just isn't possible... at least not easily.

I am going back to SF next week as as promised I hope to send several trade packages. Here is the current status of that:
All of this stuff will be properly packaged and mailed, God and finances willing, sometime next week. I still need to email people for addresses. 

Emailing from an iPhone is hard so I'm going to type up a "form letter" of sorts I hope. Or maybe find some free wifi around here to use my laptop. 

As for regular posting, I expect to get internet of some sort when I get back from the States, so I should be posting again next month. And I might do an iPhone post or two. 

So until then, enjoy Topps 2016!