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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It's Clearance Time!

Akihabara is just convenient. When I lived in Koshigaya, the train went straight to Akihabara. And now that I live in Funabashi, I can go straight to Akihabara just a little faster and cheaper! So throughout the year, it's usually my first stop when I go into the city. And my first stop once I get to Akihabara is usually the Yellow Submarine/Mint trading card shop located just outside the JR train station. 

It's not a go-to place for set builders or those looking for some high-end singles, but if you want the latest BBM set singles, this is a good bet. In addition to a pretty good stock of the newest packs, boxes, and box sets (both NPB and MLB), they have a decent selection of singles from the pack-based Japanese releases. Space is limited here, though - a small section of the shop is shared with idol, soccer, and wrestling cards. So about once a year they go through and clearance some of the numbered parallels from their display cases.

Deals aren't necessarily tremendous, but I enjoy this event because I can usually clean up pretty well.
 Most of the singles I pick up are from the pack-based large team sets BBM issues every year. Shining In Glory /75, 2016 Tigers.
 New Face /75, 2016 Tigers.
 New Face /150, 2016 Tigers.
 Swallows Warrior /25, 2016 Swallows.
 Swallows Stream /50, 2016 Swallows.
 Main Force /90, 2016 Marines.
 Blue Express /100, 2016 Lions.
 Big Blast /75, 2016 Lions.
 Galaxy of Hawks /100, 2016 Hawks.
 Reliable Hawks /150, 2016 Hawks.
 Soul Star /90, 2016 BayStars.
 Reliable Pitching Staff (base set subset) /90, 2015 Tigers.
 Foreign Impact (base set subset) /50, 2015 Marines.
 Raging Lions /30, 2015 Lions.
 Giants Pride Metallic /100, 2015 Giants.
 Heart & Soul /100, 2015 Carp.
 Cross Plasma /100, 2015 BBM Cross-Brand.
 Power Plant (base set subset) /100, 2012 Dragons.
 Chrome Rare Card /1010, 2016 Sports Graphic Number Kuroda/Arai.
 Big Blast /100, 2016 Lions.
 Printed Autographs /120 Holofoil, 2016 200 Wins & 2000 Hits Box Set.
 All Around Players /100, 2016 Classic.
 Big Deal /150, 2016 Tigers.
 Beast Mode /100, 2016 Lions.
 Show Stopper /100, 2016 Fighters.
 Blue Flash /90, 2015 BayStars.
 Ack! It's crooked! Red Signature /25, 2012 BBM 2nd Version.
And I lost the back of this scan. Red Signature /25, 2013 BBM 1st Version.
 Red Signature /25, 2014 BBM 2nd Version.

I usually pick up a few autographs, too. There weren't many offerings this year.
2016 Marines
 2016 Fighters
2015 Epoch Tigers 1985 Champions.

That's this year's haul. However, finding fun clearance cards isn't limited to just once a year. I've found good deals in the display cases before, and occasionally people sell cards to the shop and those get put out either as singles or lots. I recently found a bunch of Bikkuriman stickers I needed for my sets, and they usually have a handful of vintage Calbee singles to go with the current releases.