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Monday, August 15, 2011

Five bucks, eighteen stacks Part 5

If you're familiar with the history of baseball cards, you know they really got their start as premiums in products, added to tobacco, candy, and gum. That switched after World War 2 when the gum became the premium in baseball card packs. When manufacturers started competing with Topps in the 1980s, they had to find another premium. Donruss used puzzles, Score used magic motion cards, and Upper Deck inserted 3D team logo holograms. Fleer went with stickers. Their format changed throughout the years, but one side usually contained one or more team logo stickers, while the other side had team art, trivia, or stadium photographs.
I love these stickers now, but I really didn't care for them as a kid. Well, I suppose I did, because I stuck them on anything and everything - binders, boxes, school stuff, walls, and doors. I can use them for my Awards/Leaders collection to represent the World Series participants I still need cards for.
There were 22 Fleer sticker cards and one Upper Deck hologram in the lot The UD hologram is from 1990, when they were 2-inch squares, which I don't want to use. Four of the Fleer stickers are unusable, because they have multiple teams and the backs have stadiums or a quiz.
Of the 18 remaining stickers, only two weren't helpful - Brewers and Expos. I still need 131 team cards for the World Series portion of my Awards Leaders collection.

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