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Friday, August 12, 2011

This is NOT a baseball card: Better than a Trapper Keeper

I tried to get into Trapper Keepers. Who doesn't want a folder that had special places for pencils, sharpeners, erasers, crayons, calculators, your lunch... Well, I was happier with a backpack and some regular folders. I remember having some like this:
Too the average student, they're your standard two-pocket folders, but these are special for us. As you can see, they're essentially giant baseball cards. In fact, the back looks the same as the '88 Topps back, stats and everything. It's a shame they don't make folders like this anymore. Not that I'm looking, but I never see baseball folders. I guess if it's not some trendy kid's show or some generic design, it's not worth making anymore.

I grabbed this for a dollar at the Alameda Antiques Fair this past weekend. It's a nice addition to my collection and will look great on a shelf behind a Nolan Ryan action figure or bobblehead, or on a wall.


  1. I grabbed a bunch of these at a K-mart like 20 years ago, or more. Devon White, Brian Downing, DeWayne Buice and Mike Witt (i.e. every Angel I could find). I still have them, lol, never used them for school, I was well out of college when I got them.

  2. I wonder - did they release the complete set in folder form? Or perhaps the top 5 or so local players, and issued them regionally.

  3. I honestly don't know. I have seen one of Wally Joyner at a card show, but the guy wanted like $15 for it and wouldn't budge off that price. I just wasn't up for paying that.
    And if I hadn't read your article, I am not sure I'd have even remembered I have them. Some guy 40 years from now would be writing on a blog about how he bought them at a garage sale of my old stuff after I passed on, lol.

  4. They're not exactly rare vintage finds. They were made in the height of the overproduction/hoarding era. $15 is way too high. I bought the Nolan Ryan for a dollar, and he's the best player possible in the set.