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Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick Show Recap: GT Sports Marketing Santa Clara; September Bay Area shows

I have plenty to show and tell, but for now just a quick bit of info for those of you planning on or thinking about attending.

If you went to the TriStar show in January, you should be familiar with the location and layout of the show. This one is held in Ballroom D, which may be a little smaller. I somehow spent over three full hours digging through quarter boxes. There were some autograph/photo op sessions going on tonight, and from the look of things lines were handled well. There was a decent crowd for a preview night and I think every dealer was there. Card collectors will want to head to the left when they enter for the highest concentration of quarter boxes and overall card dealers. Most of the souvenir dealers are to the right and in the back. Be sure to stare in awe at Vida Blue's Cy Young and MVP awards on display in the back row. I'm guessing crowds will be lighter and cards will be cheaper on Sunday. It's $10 to get in.

I found out about a new show next month. Here's where we stand, to the best of my knowledge:

  • September 10/11: Tanforan Mall (San Bruno/Peninsula)
  • September 17/18: Vallco Mall (Cupertino/South Bay)
  • September 24/25: Serramonte Mall (Daly City/Peninsula-San Francisco)
I stick with my recommendation that if you go to one show next month, make it the Serramonte show. 

I've also heard the October 16 show at the Date Avenue Holiday Inn in Sacramento is supposed to be decent. There might be a road trip in my future!

Of course, if you're not from Northern California, you probably don't care. But if you read this far, thanks for sticking with me!


  1. pick me up on the way to that one in Sacramento. I'll bring the doughnuts.