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Friday, August 12, 2011

For Braves Fans

I live in SF now, but my favorite card store when living in Atlanta was Champion Sportscards, in Kennesaw. It was just a great place to get cards. I know there are other stores, but its proximity to my mom's house meant I could hit the card store and visit my mom at the same time.

But I digress, as usual.

I received an email about a signing at the store. If you're not familiar with the location, don't visit it often, and/or aren't a member of their mailing list, here are the details. I'm sure Ross would be willing to mail items to you if you live outside the Atlanta area.

By request (why didn't I think of this), here is the email for Champion Sportscards.

Copied from their email, with a couple minor formatting edits since it didn't copy properly:
Champion Sportscards is proud to welcome Jonny Venters and Craig Kimbrel for Autograph Appearances  
Who:             Jonny Venters 
When:          Saturday August 20, 2011   11:00 am - 12:00 pm 
Ticket Prices: In Advance $20 any item, Day of $25 any item, Inscriptions $7 each  
Who:             Craig Kimbrel 
When:          Saturday September 3, 2011   11:30 am - 12:30 pm 
Ticket Prices: In Advance $25 any item, Day of $30 any item, Inscriptions $7 each  
Where:            840 Ernest Barrett Pkwy Suite 708 
                        Kennesaw, GA 30144                       (770) 427-2220
We now have 8x10s and 2011 All-Star Major League baseball in stock!
If you are unable to attend either or both appearances, you may drop or or purchase items to be autographed in your absence.
Changes to the Braves schedule may affect the date of the autograph appearance.
Hope to see you all here,Ross


  1. Ryan - what a great opportunity for us Braves fans! I am definitely interested. Do you have an email address for Ross?

    Thanks for the FYI!


  2. Email has been added into the body of the post, thanks Ryan!

  3. Spoke w/ Ross on FRI (very nice guy, by the way) - he said "no problem" with mailing in items to be signed. He will need Venters requests to be there no later than this FRI, though!

    If you mail them in, you will pay the "Day of" prices, $7 inscription fee remains the same.

    Ross also passed along a "thank you" to you, Ryan, for the Shop's good exposure here in blog-land.

    Thanks again, from me, too.