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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Going Postal: More than Meets the Eye

But this post isn't about Transformers. It's about trades! One trade in particular, with Kevin of The Diamond King. It's one of three one-way trades from last week, being that I didn't mail off the trade packages until Monday, but all the trades arrived last week! I hope he'll be happy with what I sent in return!

 I only scanned twelve of the cards, and from a "book value" standpoint, they're kind of at the bottom of the rung. So what makes these special? They're all cards I need for my player collections. Well, almost - I think Eddie Murray belongs in the Awards/Leaders collection (he's not a player I collect).
Why didn't I scan the other cards? Well, I did, but they're being featured in the Cardboard Zoo! If memory serves me well, he sent fourteen cards that I've scanned for use on that blog, and if things went according to plan, they will be seen one per day since Saturday.

Thanks a ton, Kevin, and I hope you enjoy your cards!

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