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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trading Update, etc

I've been meaning to do this for a while, and now I have a little bit of time and effort, so let's get it out of the way. I slept in until 1pm today, not sure why (I guess I needed it), so since the day's wasted already it's not like writing this will take me away from something important!

First, if I owe you cards, you're holding cards for me, etc - let me know if you're not listed below. Heck, even if you are listed, send me an email so I know you've got something for me.

Don't think I'm trying to wrap these up ASAP, unless that's what you want. If we're still working on stuff, that's cool. I just want to clean up any loose ends and re-file any cards that aren't part of trades. And I want to make sure I have a list of who's holding for me so they don't feel like they're waiting forever. If there was no deal to be made, etc, say it. You won't break my heart. And if I was supposed to mail these suckers out, remind me what you sent so I can get my butt in gear.

  • mmmrhubarb, I'm holding that Jacque Jones you asked for.
  • BA Benny, I have a Teixeira jersey and a couple other Allen & Ginter inserts (2009?), a couple Frank Thomas and a couple Griffey Jr.
  • moremonkeys, an old Zeenuts card, Teixeira Bowman's Best, and an Alomar Stadium Club Members Only
  • Greg Z, Diamond Duos Koufax/Kershaw and Diamond Anniversary parallel Jason Heyward
  • Colbey, a bunch of 2011 Topps, inserts, and Opening Day
  • Derek, I think he's gone but I have a small selection of Braves
  • Stealing Home: Maury Wills SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Chronology insert
  • potch/DW: you just emailed me, I think, but I have some '11 A&G, a few retired player inserts (mostly Reds), and a Barry Larkin jersey
  • Spiegel: three Ryan Braun cards, Ichiro '11 Bowman gold, a couple other inserts
  • Dennis, Too Many Grandersons: a whole bunch of Tigers including a Curtis Granderson jersey refractor from 2008 Bowman Sterling
  • Cheap Card Collecting: I have your Lineage Giants
  • ????, a small stack of White Sox cards
  • Dominic, I haven't forgotten you. I have five decent relic cards here and I'm hoping to put together a bit more before I ship to you.
SO, if I don't hear from you on the above I'll assume you're not interested anymore (other than Dominic, and rhubarb, potch, and CCC, because those are recent). Just send me an email, or leave a comment. Some of these were just offers, and some were requests.


  1. I assume this ?????? is me? I just packaged your cards up today and they will go out on Monday. So yeah, I'm still interested.

  2. Don't think I had anything specific for you, but I'm sure I actually have something you'd like. No rush, I'm behind on stuff anyways.