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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh My Goodwinness! A review well after the release.

The post titles just get worse and worse, don't they?

Yesterday brought you a little post of Ginter, Goodwin, and Gypsy. Like most cell phone service in the US: 3G. G for Great. G for the first initial in my last name. G for Geezus, if you are illiterate. But then you wouldn't be reading this blog.

On with the Goodwins!
I showed this first batch yesterday, but if you don't know, red borders are "base," blue are "SP," and black are "SSP." I'm going for the full base+SP+SSP set. All the cards in today's post came from one dealer, as one of those "pick 20 cards" auctions. Sometimes they come in handy, and this was one of those cases. All the SPs and SSPs were needed for my set, Mattingly has Awards/Leaders needs, and Nastia will end up somewhere, perhaps in some Women In Sports display. Who knows.
 All the parallels in this set come via minis. Above you see the regular mini cards. I'll keep one of them plus the Lou Brock.
 The mini parallels include black-bordered "Lady Luck" backs (left and middle) and silver foil glossies (right). There are two other parallel minis (Magician and Presidential) and mini plates.
 There are two insert sets in Goodwin: Citizens and Figures of Sport. The Figures of Sport are die-cut and designed to look 3D. I was surprised when I first saw them in person, because they look much larger when scanned by themselves - I thought they were box toppers.
This is an example of the World Traveler box topper. This thing is huge, similar to the cabinet loaders in Ginter. The cards look fantastic, so I think I'm going to look for a complete set.

With less sets overall and a smaller base set size compared to Ginter, Goodwin is easier to collect. As I said yesterday, the art is nicer, but there's just too much "guys in suits" - if I wanted that I would buy a set titled "Wall Street Brokers" or "Real Estate Agents." I'll finish the weekend with a similar look at Ginter.


  1. For some reason this year's Goodwin set has grown on me. I don't see myself hardcore pursuing completing this set, but I wouldn't mind filling in the holes eventually.

    Those box loader cards do look really nice. Have any idea of UltraPro or BBC makes a page to fit those?

  2. The cards are 5x7, and UltraPro makes a 2-pocket page designed for 5x7s. I used to have some (probably still do in storage in Georgia), and they fit in the 3-ring binders but aren't as wide as standard pages (same height though).