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Monday, August 22, 2011

Five bucks, eighteen stacks Part 12

Oh, 2012 Topps, how boring you will be.

Yes, I get the gold theme, great. But you did it before, in 2001. It wasn't that good then, and it won't be any better next year, either.
I like the base set design of 2012 Topps, just like I do from 2001. The box lot had a whole bunch of base 2001 - it looks like most from series one. Well over 300 green-bordered cards filled the box.
I don't have a 2001 Topps set yet, so I'm going to have to figure out real fast if I want to try to build a series one set with these or just pick up a factory set.
Meanwhile, I hit the lists and pulled 20 cards for the awards/leaders collection. This set has a bunch of manager cards which came in handy for the Manager of the Year awards.
To top it off, there were four gold parallel cards. Sure, parallels aren't that special, and these aren't superstars, but anything extra is a nice addition!


  1. Factory sets for 2001 run a tad expensive now. Anywhere from $60 and up. Maybe its not too much but I found it to be after paying only $25 or so for the years around this one.

  2. Gold parallel Jacque Jones? Is it for trade?

  3. I've noticed that factory sets that I still don't have are quite expensive. I might have better luck just building a set. I don't even need factory sets, really, but either way they go for more than I can pay lately!

    And yeah, Jacque is for trade! I'll hold it for you, rhubarb!