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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Topps Stickers 10! Dolphin dolphin dolphin dolphin!

It would have been nice to end with a foil, wouldn't it? Verlander's good, though! (There's another sticker set below.)

And with that, we reach the end of today's stickerfest! While I didn't bring you any ponies, I did give you several other animals, and I provide you a virtual zoo full of them:
And along those lines, a commercial:
Leave a comment: did you like this? Hate it? I'm not planning on doing more, but I'd love your feedback anyway. And remember all of these stickers are for trade - I'd prefer to get stickers in return, but it isn't a requirement by any means! A post in an hour will list all the stickers.
And that's the end. 

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