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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting schooled by The Professor

Sometimes great finds fall into your lap. Such was the case with Greg Maddux, more specifically his 1987 Fleer Update rookie card. It's the only card of any worth in the set (okay, McGwire too), and this is a perfect specimen. The 1987 Fleer set is really elegant, especially with crisp, clean corners and edges.
 There were a few more Maddux cards I picked up at the same time, including a rare shot of a pitcher in the act of fielding - sort of. It looks like he's attacking a bunted ball, or maybe covering the plate on a passed ball or wild pitch. As usual, the Finest card looks better in person than it does in the scan. Other than the Fleer card, this was a great pickup:
The die-cut Crown Royale cards are kind of awkward, but they're great looking cards and if you're into framing or displaying your cards, they make a great crown to the top of a layout. The set is only 144 cards deep, but you would pull only four per pack, making it a tougher set to complete than two of the insert sets.

While I need to spend some time updating my player collection lists (I've been transitioning to Google Docs), these cards quadruple my budding Greg Maddux collection.

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