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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pete Rose gets his own set, with a game used... Expos jersey?

Leaf released preview images for a new set coming in November, featuring Pete Rose, and, well, Pete Rose. If there's one good thing unlicensed card companies brings, it's the inclusion of players that normally wouldn't be receiving cards, like Shoeless Joe Jackson. Like him or hate him, Pete Rose has become one of the biggest names in retired baseball, once he wrote his book and put himself back out into the collecting world.
The high-end set will contain all sorts of variations of autographs and game-used items. The jersey swatches will come from an Expos jersey. He played in Montreal for most of the 1984 season. There will also be bat pieces.
The autographs will be the biggest draw in the set, with many of them containing inscriptions.
As you see, several of them are career highlight inscriptions, though some of them hit some of his more obscure talents. 
I wouldn't mind having that jersey-autograph card there on the left.
Even that jersey-auto would be nice. The most intriguing part of the autograph set will be the Rose-isms inscriptions. Some of them are funny, others more serious.
Ahh, now there's my card. I wouldn't mind having a Pete Rose autograph in my collection, but I'm not paying too much for it. But a nice inscribed autograph with a jersey piece or one of the better Rose-isms would jump my offering price by much more than a couple dollars.

I'm not sure how "high end" this product will be, but I'm sure it's out of my price range. Its timing makes it just right for me to ask for birthdya or Christmas presents, though. Hrm.... Pete Rose inscribed autograph, or iPad? That's a tough decision.


  1. I love the one with "Damn You Garber". Clever idea overall. I'd like to see cards like these for other players in Topps sets.

  2. I'm going to have to get at least one card out of this. Also love the "Damn You Garber" - as well as the "Never Bet on Baseball" .... and the more serious ones.

  3. Everyday he signs items in Vegas now as his occupation. Any inscription for $40 including "I'm sorry for cheating," anything really. They wrote an article about it in Sports Illustrated.

  4. Yeah, he signs a lot. But I know if I asked for a pack/box of this stuff it would be one or the other. Honestly, if I can't get it for $30 or less, I'm not really interested anyway.

  5. The best Pete Rose-ism is "The burgers taste better when you win." And he's absolutely right about that.