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Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Pretty, Old Lady

First, you'll see this on every post today: I am looking for cards of Jose Altuve. As far as I know, the only card he appears on is from 2010 Bowman DPP, Chrome #BCP137. I really just want one card (regular, refractor, color refractor, etc), but putting together a rainbow would be nice. He has some minor league cards too, so if you have one of those to get rid of, let me know what you'd like for it.

A pretty, old lady. Or a pretty old lady. Or... how about, an old photograph of a pretty lady?
I set this to "original size" and it ends up (on my screen) being 4x larger than the card's original size.
I normally wouldn't post a single image like this from a single eBay purchase. Normally, I would group it in with others, but I felt like this deserves a post.

If you recall a couple weeks ago I wrote a post involving a large purchase that included several of the cards from this same set. I usually check the inventory against the packing slip/feedback list/order/etc, but I was in a scanning frenzy, and it slipped my mind. Besides, everything important was there (the vintage baseball was the important part). Well, it turns out I was shorted a card. In the mail, in its own little shipping container, this card of Mlle. Carmen arrived. I didn't tell them about it or anything - they must have taken inventory, noticed it was still there, and sent it along.

So thank you again to Just Collect Cards for making sure my order was complete, and I hope you have another listing set like you did last month sometime soon!

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