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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poll: How do you read your blogs? (A contest included!)

So, how do you read your blogs? Do you stand on your head on the edge of the cliff while balancing your laptop on your left pinky finger? Do you sit naked in Starbucks with an iPad? How do you get away with that? Do you live in San Francisco or something? (Seriously, this town is really freaky sometimes.)
Bring your PC to Starbucks!
Wait, I don't want to know any of that.

What I would like to know, however, is how you read/access blogs. For instance, I use Google Reader, and I sync that account with the MobileRSS iPod app for reading away from home. Which means that if I'm subscribed to your blog either through following or RSS feed, I see and try to read every post you make. It's great to make sure I don't miss anything.

I'm aware there are other ways of reading blogs. Do you open a bunch of bookmarks? Do you just start at one blog and follow stuff from blogrolls that interest you? If you don't subscribe, do you end up scrolling through blog front pages to make sure you're up-to-date on all the posts, or do you just read whatever's latest?

How often do you check blogs (on a regular basis)? Do you try to check daily? Weekly? Multiple times per day? FYI, since I have absolutely no life, I end up checking the feed a few times per day. Not that you care. But I figure if I'm asking, I should share.

Last, approximately how many blogs do you read/subscribe to? I'm up over 90 baseball card blogs, plus a few other blogs of interest. On September 12, that resulted in 59 posts. Oi!

Please leave a comment below! I'll randomize all the names and pull a winner on or around September 23. What will you win? An autograph or game-used card from your favorite team! I can't guarantee anything great, but I'll try to stretch my dollar. I'd like as much feedback as possible!
Your autograph or game-used card will be better than this.
1) How do you access blogs?
2) How often do you check blogs?
3) How many blogs do you read/subscribe to?

Thank you for your feedback!


  1. I go down my blogroll list on my blog (which is up to about 100 blogs) and work my way down the list checking all the recent posts since the last time I was on, which is about once a day now that I have a job, but was about a dozen times a day when I was unemployed. I believe I subscribe/follow all the blogs on my blogroll that have that function.

  2. I access blogs through my dashboard, usually a couple of times a day (if it's slow at work). Right now I subscribe to 75 blogs, I'm sure that there are many more quality blogs that I'm missing still. I try to read each new post, but there are times when I do fall behind.

  3. Before I went back to work and started grad school, I checked the blogs at least twice a day (morning and night). Now, I'm lucky if I can sneak any time at all - maybe at night. I follow some absurd amount of blogs, probably ~200 but I'd have to go check to be sure. I usually try to read all of them that post with an interesting title...or if it happens to be a blog that consistently puts out interesting stuff. All of my blog reading starts from my own blog roll - that's a big reason why I follow so many!

  4. When I'm at a PC, I use my Google dashboard. When I'm out and about and looking at my Iphone, I usually follow along on a certain someone else's blogroll because he follows more blogs than me. I've never understood why, but when I look at my blogroll, not everyone I follow shows up all the time. I don't know if it's a setting I need to fix or what.

    I check in multiple times throughout the day and I know my productivity as a real person has suffered thanks to my Iphone.

    I don't know the exact number, but it's over 100 and EVERY time I find one I'm not already following, I subscribe.

  5. I access blogs the same way as Robert mentioned above, though if there's one in particular I need to check I just go straight there. I check multiple times a day.

    I'm probably up around the Blogger limit by now, which is like 300 blogs I think.

    I don't read every single post though.

  6. The Daily Reading blogroll on my blog has 380 blogs on it now. Well over half of them haven't posted in the past two weeks though. I normally check that maybe once or twice a day. Recently I added a second list for some old-school blogs I've followed since forever. I know I'm missing several from that list that I'd like to have on there but I'll get 'em on there eventually.

    I also have an iGoogle page filled with some RSS feeds of blogs but I haven't checked that in a while. I tried Google reader, but got hopelessly backlogged very quickly and gave up.

  7. 1.) I access blogs from my blogroll and see if there any updates made on my 'favorite' Web sites / blog.

    I also use blogrolls from other blogs jump around to see if there is a post of interest from a Web site I haven't 'bookmarked.'

    2.) I check blogs every few hours or so, particularly any blog whose URL are easy to remember.

    3.) I try to subscribe / read about five or 10 blogs that are on my blog roll, though I try to keep an eye for others that interest me.

  8. I just use Blogger dashboard for the blogs I follow. There are around 300 or so.... I try and check a couple of times a day.
    For those few who use wordpress, I get them out of my bookmarks and check them every couple of days or so... if I remember....

  9. 1) I use google reader as well and I use the google reader android ap on my phone to keep up while away from the house.
    2) I check multiple times a day, just when I get a break from work and when sitting around the house.
    3) I have well over 100 baseball blogs, it's hard to count as I also have a bunch of twitter feeds and other non-sports blogs on my list of google reader feeds.

  10. I check out new blog posts from the sidebar on my blog although some I follow through email. I usually check them a few times at night after I get home from work. I don't know the exact number of blogs I follow but I do know I am close to 50.

  11. 1) during the day when I'm at a PC I use blogger's dashboard. In the evening I use a nice app called Flipboard on my iPad.
    2) I check probably twice a day at work and once or twice in the evening.
    3) I subscribe to about 60 blogs

  12. 1) I am like a remora, I latch on to the belly of someone who has a ton of blog links on their own blog, lol.

    2) When I have free time, which could be whenever, but I would say usually every day.

    3) I don't subscribe to any, I just literally follow a serendipitous trail from one blog to the next, going wherever it may take me... no roadmap.

  13. I look at the blogroll on my own blog. If a title catches my eye, I head there. There are a few that check regularly, even if the title is lame.
    I probably check out the hobby blogs at least once a day. Gosh I'm sick.
    Thanks for the contest. Peace.

  14. I follow 198 blogs (yes, I counted). I read them through the "Reading List" on the Blogger homepage. I used to check them multiple times daily, but lately I've only been checking them once every couple of days.

  15. I usually use my own blog list "Can't Have Too Many Blogs". There's over 150 of which about 90 have posts in the last 24 hours. I'll generally keep them on the list as long as there's been a post within the last two months or so. I check them at least once a day and try to comment as much as I can.

  16. 1. I use the Sports Card Blogroll (

    Why do more work than I have to.

    2. I read it if the title interests me. I know that I probably miss some good posts that have bad titles.

    3. There is probably 10 blogs that I try to read every post, mostly blogs that have been around the longest.

  17. 1) Access is through my blogroll. I usually check Deadspin and as well since those don't do well in blogger.
    2) Usually twice daily. Before work/school/etc/ and after work/school/etc. Covers most of them
    3) Actually very few (32 right now, and a few of those are dead blogs that I'm hoping will come back someday). I used to subscribe to well over 100 but a lot of those were one-off contest subscriptions or stuff I stopped reading as much over time. The 32 I have now are the 32 most interesting to my personal tastes - doesn't mean they're the best ever (though Night Owl, Cardboard Junkie, Mojo Beard, and Nachos Grande obviously rule) but it does mean I always enjoy reading their stuff. You're one of the 32 so consider yourself awesome!

  18. Oops, didn't follow directions.
    2. I check them about once per day in the evenings.

  19. I just use Blogger Dashboard to read the blogs I follow. I check a few times a day when time permits and have a list of about 250 blogs on my roll.

  20. I started with bookmarks, moved on to using the blogroll and now I use Google Reader. And like Dimwit, I use the app to read when I get a chance in other places, mainly slow periods at work. I have 148 card blogs and 27 sports related blogs that I read daily. But I didn't know you could put twitter feeds in google reader, I must go investigate. I might have to email Dimwit if I can't figure it out. Which will give me more to read, crap!

  21. 1) I usually start with one blog (typically a Cardboard Problem and work my way through their blog roll and others)
    2) Daily
    3) 20-30

  22. I open up Night Owl cards and use his blogroll and look at the blogs I always read and also any that sound interesting. I used to use Cardboard Junkies blogroll but his is to slow sometimes.

  23. 1) I read them through Google Reader, mostly. Sometimes I will click-through to the article, at which point I browse around through that blog's blogroll.

    2) I used to check several times a day, but since my office started blocking Blogspot (yes, really), I do most of my card-blog reading in the evenings.

    3) I actively follow about 35...more than that and I'm not able to keep up.

  24. 1. I used to use the Google Dashboard exclusively, but I follow so many card blogs (over 300 -- yes, it's a sickness) that the Dashboard can't handle it (wimps!). So I have to go to my blogroll and click through them from there.

    2. I do most of my reading when I get up (very late in the morning or around noon) and when I get off work (after midnight). Once in awhile, I sneak in time in the mid-afternoon or a periodic peak at work. Reading on my phone is a real pain.

    3. Over 300, baby! I have to skim some because there's so many. But there are a few I always read no matter what.

  25. 1. I started with bookmarks originally, but now I use Blogger Dashboard.
    2. too...
    3. too...

    and I often will jump around from blog to blog when I see a post title that interests me, mostly from BA's blog roll.

  26. 1. I usually read straight from the blog roll on my site. I'm sure I miss some, but it usually works pretty well. There are some blogs that I read every post, and others that catch my eye. There are a few blogs I check regularly to make sure I didn't miss a post with my less-than-perfect reading method.

    2. I usually read on my iPhone on my commute to work in the morning, and if I don't finish my 25 most recent from my blog roll, I'll read real quick when I get to my desk at work. I usually get in early so have a little time to myself before the day begins. I'll usually check once or twice at work - most days I eat lunch at my desk so that's a good time to look. I also usually check from my phone once or twice at night.

    3. I have over 120 blogs on my blog roll. There are some I don't miss, but it's impossible to read and keep up with everything. I'm sure I miss some great content.

  27. I typically just jump around from blogroll to blogroll to see what new stuff has been posted in the past 24 hours or so. Typically I look in the morning and then again at night, but no real set schedule. I should probably use a more efficient method of finding new posts (google reader/dashboard, rss feeds, ets.) but I've stuck to just clicking round the blogrolls.

  28. I like using google reader, with all of the cards blogs filed under a "Cards" filter. I keep it open all day and when I have a free moment go read. According to the Bundle I just created, the filter has 69 blogs in it, including my own for proofreading purposes.

  29. I use Google Reader to follow blogs. If I didn't have that, I wouldn't read nearly as many blogs.

    I am constantly checking in. I usually get around 100 posts per day.

    I subscirbe to somewhere between 75 adn 100 blogs, some baseball, some autographs, some technology and education (I teach).

    I really learn to skim quickly for stuff that I want to read in depth.

  30. Google Reader, once a day from my home computer and about 60 blogs.

  31. 1- Google reader on my pc or phone
    2- I check it periodically throughout the day
    3- I think I have around 50 blogs I follow

  32. I am also a Google Reader guy. I read 181 blogs, more than half card related. I check all the time, to the detriment of my productivity.

  33. I use the good ol' google reader on my iPad( btw I love this thing and everyone should get one!)
    next I would like to say I check it every day buuuuut I have a newborn sooooo yea things just come up but I at least check it every day or 2.
    Finally I'm following around 10different blogs give or take.