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Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm Givens It All I Got

Did you know? Mychal is the Baltimore organization's 2011 #7 rated prospect.

I wonder if that's still true. He was drafted in 2009, but only played 23 games in 2010. This year, in 129 games, he's batting .245, but he's probably better known for his defense. It seems like if he's playing anywhere but in Aberdeen (low-A), he has difficulty at the plate. At Delmarva (A) this season, he's batting only .195 in 57 games. Hopefully he'll find his way and move up in the organization.

You're not seeing a well-assembled graphic. I won both of these cards from the same seller on eBay pretty cheap, and the card is headed to my type collection. They're both red autographs, numbered out of 111. I'm not really a big fan of minor league cards, especially TriStar releases like this which aren't licensed, and you can see the autograph is on a sticker. However, these cards make for somewhat-affordable autographs from some stars who are otherwise unattainable on a budget.

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