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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sets A&G Should Consider as Inserts Next Year

When it comes to trading cards, there's modern, vintage, and downright old. The downright old tobacco cards have some varied and interesting subjects.
 While researching these cards, I looked through hundreds of images of non-sport sets from over a century ago. Allen & Ginter has brought back several of the interesting subjects, but there are many more truly beautiful non-sport issues to be copied. Several of the non-sport issues focused on beautiful women. These Smoke & Chew cards are from a set labeled N402 Sepia Actresses. They're trimmed - the tobacco brand would be at the bottom "Yum Yum Tobacco" - but they're fun nonetheless. There must have been a fetish for bare-armed women, given these images.
 This is an N664. It's a good bit larger than normal tobacco cards.
 Here is a Duke Tobacco issue, N145. The images I saw on the web make this look like it's one of the better-looking actress issues.
Remember these? Of course you don't, because I showed you a different selection. What are the odds that I'd find 30-something cards from the same tobacco set on the same weekend, buy them all, and end up with no duplicates? The set is labeled as Sweet Caporal N245, and I would love a checklist. There is very little information on this set on the web. I've heard the PSA population report lists over 100 unique cards. If you are able to see those sorts of things, I'd appreciate a copy/paste list via email. If it's not so big of a set, I'll try to put it together (barring back variations, etc).

All the cards above came from a single dealer at the GT Sports show, and I paid only $5 for all of them. There was another dealer asking about $2 each, which would be a fair price, but I couldn't turn these down.


  1. Great buy. I for one think that pre WWII tobacco cards are way underrated. If you want to see a cool rare set with women smoking check this out:

  2. Hackenbush: I saw that set while checking these. I used this site: to do my research, and I would have never expected a set which featured smoking women. I know there's some whole big smoking fetish. I wonder if those guys collect those cards?