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Monday, September 5, 2011

No! Bad dog!

Cats yesterday. Dogs today. It only makes sense.

If you are susceptible to having seizures.... don't watch the video. You were warned.

First, a thank you to Marc R, if you read this. Marc invited me to Google+, something I had decided I wasn't really interested in, but upon accepting the invite, my Picasa photo use dropped by nearly 700 MB. You see, with Google+, photos under a certain size don't count towards your 1GB limit, so that move saved me $5/year. Not much money, but hey, it's something! And most photos I upload are under that size.

So what does "No! Bad dog!" have to do with baseball, and namely, this post? Well, these three cards were suspicious pickups at the GT Sports show. I have never seen the Bo Jackson cards before, or any minor league set with a similar design. Add to that the appearance in multiple colors and a lack of copyright/manufacturer information, and I was afraid I grabbing some of those early '90s custom "promo" cards that are essentially worthless (though fun to have). And RBI? Who's ever heard of RBI?

It turns out that Time Out Sports released two Memphis Chicks team sets in 1986, a gold and silver version. Guess the print runs! Okay, don't. Gold: 10,000. Silver: 5000. How does that work? 10000 is a large quantity for a minor league set (so is 5000, for that matter). I'm sure it was done to get superstar Bo Jackson on cardboard - it would have been his first baseball card.

The Willie Mays is from an unauthorized set, but I like it anyway. So there!

Question for you: When you see "unauthorized" cards of your favorite player or team, do you buy them anyway?

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