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Sunday, September 25, 2011

National Chicle Box Break Comes to a Conclusion

It's time to knock this bad boy out! Eight more packs to the end.
 This set is full of bright, vibrant color, like the Thurman Munson card. And there are cards which look like highly detailed fine-pencil drawings (Robin Yount). And then there are cards like Lou Gehrig, with death-black backgrounds.
 And sometimes there are short prints done in vintage Topps designs, like the Stoner card.
 Saundberg looks shocked and surprised, while Roy Campanella plays baseball on the edge of the river.
 Another Chicle back: Frank Robinson. Back when Topps 206 came out, with all the tobacco back variations, I thought the concept was pretty cool. And for the 206 set, it had meaning, since the original T206 cards had different backs. I don't like the concept here. If they had done the set in mini form (the same size as the original Diamond Stars of course, not tobacco mini size) with the various backs it would have been better. Anyway, this is our sixth Chicle back, the average for the box.
 Speaking of back parallels, here's our other Bazooka back. That would be Mr. Carl Crawford. By the way, what team did Michael Bourn play for in 2010? Oh, right. Houston. Thanks for reminding us, Topps.
 Three packs left, and this one contains another SP. The 1991 Topps version is one of my favorites. Why do I like junk wax era Topps so much?
 Hey, a bonus Chicle! Let's see if anyone wants it. I know there's a Kevin Kouzmanoff fan out there somewhere! No, really, I know. I just can't remember who it is.
Last pack. Hm, only four cards. We got jipped. No we didn't! That's an Evan Longoria game-used bat card! Those are some nice-looking relics, even if there are two boring spots on either side of the relic. Let's turn it over, shall we:
Bazoooooooooooooooooooka! It's numbered to 99! That's an awesome hit! Relics hit, on average, every two boxes, and this one has even tougher odds. That's a keeper, and a great end to the box.

I'll have a recap/have list ASAP for you if you're trying to finish the set!

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  1. Can I get that Uggla? Pretty please? I'll find something for you.