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Friday, September 2, 2011

A *real* hit from Topps Heritage

I hear all the time about how horrible the hits in Topps products are. I agree that for $100, three boring small swatches of white or gray fabric just doesn't cut it. The same goes for the guaranteed one-per-box David DeJesus autograph. The real hits in the normal products are those that are limited to 100 or less. Cards like the Real One red autographs.
Topps has been using red signature parallels for quite some time, and they always come at a premium. This is the kind of card that sits unacquired in the Cardboard Zoo for years, the empty space taunting me, saying "you'll never be able to afford a card like this." Usually, a talking spreadsheet would worry me, but I know it's all in my head, and occasionally it's wrong. I was glad to pick this up off the online auction site that shall not be named (if you say the word "eBay" in the mirror three times you are haunted by a non-paying bidder for seven weeks).

I'll revisit this topic when I feel like delving deeper. It's nearly 3am, and I've been somewhat unmotivated lately. I'm not sure why, figuring I just had a blast at the card show Friday night...

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