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Sunday, September 25, 2011

National Chicle Box Break Part Two

Time for more fun! Continuing the break of the National Chicle box - this is the middle of the three sets.
 Purple backgrounds are awesome! Sort of. It works, I guess. I like Juan Pierre's face in this one. And Buster Posey is the key card in the base set - that would be his RC.
 You would think Pujols is the best card in this pack, and you might be right, except for Mr. 99 sitting in the bottom left corner. You see, he's a short print. That makes Manny more specialer than Albert. I guess. I'd rather have more Pujols.
 *Yawn* just another pack in the box. Hey, what's that fading and blue squiggle at the bottom of that card there on the bottom left? Hey, that's an autograph! How pleasant! Checking the odds, I should expect one autograph per box, so here it is.
 It's time for another parallel, this time of Adrian Gonzalez. The Dennis Eckersley is a nice card too.
 And another parallel; this Bazooka is Teixeira. Is Tim Wakefield eating a baseball? Seriously?
 It's short print time again. The Ryne Sandberg and Walter Johnson are both retired SPs!
 Moving right along, not much to see here...
And once again the last pack has a Chicle parallel. Chone Figgins. That Kurt Suzuki card is kind of a strange image.

We'll finish this up in twelve hours!

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