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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mailbag: something I've been hunting for a while...

Last week was a big week for eBay wins. I think I'm waiting on somewhere between 40-50 cards. That usually means I get at least one envelope every day, but yesterday there was nothing for me. That wasn't the case today.

There were three envelopes in the box waiting for me when I pulled in the driveway from a quick run to the store. So what did I get?
First, a set of SP cards from the 2009 American Heritage set. These are the Election Collection cards seeded 1:4 packs. Topps released two different American Heritage sets in 2009: one of them titled simply "American Heritage" and the other "American Heritage Heroes Edition." I didn't pay enough attention - I put together my own set of the Heroes edition but didn't do the earlier release. So I have the SPs from a set I don't currently have (I'm working to fix that problem). I do have six of the SPs from the Heroes set (the Obama/Lincoln cards in '56 Topps style). So 19 needed to finish that set.
Next, two 1995 Leaf Slideshow cards - both of the Ripkens. The '94s (featured here) looked like slides mounted into the card. These look more like those old viewfinder wheels, but in a modern clean style. And with the arrival of these cards, there are only two left in the set I need: cards 6B and 7B!
Last, one of the 2009 Upper Deck SPs. Someone listed the Derek Jeter Yankees All-Time Hit King card in a small lot and I ended up winning. Also included in the package were his base cards from '09 Upper Deck Icons and 2007 Topps Update/Highlights (with Posada and A-Rod), and X-Ponential3 insert from 2009 Upper Deck X. All three of those cards are available for trade. As for the Upper Deck SPs, I now need 8 of the 32 issued - Tommy Franks, George W Bush (both First Pitch) and Tom Seaver (HOF) from 2004; Buehrle (perfect game) and Obama/Pujols (All-Star Game) from 2009; and Rose ATHK, Yankees, and Joe Jackson from 2010.

That's it for today's mail. While I was out I checked to see if Heritage had arrived in my local Target. It hadn't. I did pick up some Opening Day (all I should need to buy for the year, actually), and a bit more that you'll find out about next week!

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