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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Continuing from yesterday's post, here are the other six codes. To refresh your memory, the oldest card was from 1969. So, what do we have in store today?

First, I get:
Hey! 1964! And the Colts! Wait, they don't exist anymore. Well, not by that name. That's kinda cool. Gerald Grote and Larry Yellen rookie stars - a brand new battery for the Colts. Wait. Gerald Grote? His name is Jerry Grote. Playing from 1963-1981, he was a part of two all-star teams with the Mets. He had a career average of .252, but probably is most famous for being a part of the 1969 Miracle Mets. Larry Yellen, on the other hand, would pitch in a total of 14 games by the end of 1964, never to be heard of again.

And it can only get better, right?
Okay, at least it's older than I am. And he's got a 'fro. Take that hat off and show the 'fro, bro! Enos Cabell played from 1972 to 1986, with a career batting average of .277. 

And from there we go to:
Awesome! 1962! Tom Morgan got his start with the Yankees in 1951, ending his career in 1963 with the Angels. 1961 was his best year, and this card commemorates that (granted, he was generally a middle reliever after the first few years). His career ERA of 3.61 isn't that amazing, and he never won any awards.

Well, that's great, what's next!
Oh. Well, I thought maybe after '62 I would get maybe a '52 Mantle. Or not. Francisco Barrios played his entire career ('74-81) as a starting pitcher with the White Sox, with a 38-38 record and a 4.15 ERA.

Okay, now we have:
Another '79. Alan Ashby, now a commentator, had a career average of .245 over 17 seasons with the Indians, Blue Jays, and mainly the Astros.

Okay, I had six codes to redeem, so the sixth is:
Another '79! That's a total of 3 cards from the 1979 set. Larry Cox, another catcher? That's three catchers (and six pitchers). Cox played from '73 to '82, with 4 different teams, and he changed teams five times, because he played with the Cubs in '78, between stints with Seattle, and returned to the Cubs to close out his career. So, maybe he's walking from one team dugout to another in this picture. He batted .221 as mostly a backup catcher.

Well, that was my last code. Again with the ring digging, I got stuff. Again, does it matter? You just need all 60 different rings to get all the prizes. Out of the 12 rings I've dug up, I have one duplicate (Angels). I have a $10 gift card to the Topps store - not sure what I can use that for.

I'm not sure what that next prize is - custom skin-it? Oh, I see. I can put a team logo on my iPod, or maybe my laptop? Okay, fine. I would like to get to the 45-level prize - the complete set. I'm guessing that some of the rings are limited, though, to reduce the number of sets and rings (60-level prize) they have to give away.

I would like to pull a die-cut card, for my collection.

Hrm. This is kind of like a lottery. An expensive lottery - if you pay for the codes, or pay to have 25-cent cards shipped to you. But it's kind of fun.

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