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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day is Here!

I never really get excited. I was excited about a lot of stuff as a kid, but things kind of mellow out as you get older.

This year seems to be different. Maybe because I'm more involved in the baseball community, by writing this blog and reading so many others. Maybe because I have more time to think about things other than work.

I haven't been excited about opening day in, well, forever. Baseball seemed to be more of an afterthought the past few years. But after going to the A's-Giants pre-season exhibitions on Tuesday and Wednesday, and securing a ticket to Friday's home opener in Oakland, I'm excited.

I think the constant almost-but-not-quite performance of the Braves for the last 15 years had removed the excitement. But this is a different town, with different fans and a different team. There is baseball talk in the air here. It's fun, and it's exciting.

So enjoy these "not-quite-game-time" pictures I took earlier this week as you take a break from watching today's opening day festivities. Or maybe while you are watching!

After all, it's the baseball game that brings you the baseball cards!

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