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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quick Box Busting: 2011 Topps Hanging Box

I ended up back at Target this afternoon and stopped at the card aisle to see if anything there could entice me. I basically had my choice of Opening Day and Heritage blasters or one of those $9.99 hanging boxes of regular Topps. If you read the title of the post you know which one I chose. I picked the Topps box because it comes with a Diamond Giveaway code card and a Target-exclusive card I need for my big collection. Which I think I have coming from an eBay win. But oh well.

I'm not going through all the cards. No SPs or anything exciting like that. I pulled Jeter, Halladay, Hudson, Varitek, and Rolen, amongst a ton of semistars and commons. I used to really like Rolen.

As for inserts, I pulled an Aroldis Chapman Kimball Champions, Chase Utley Target Exclusive, Vlad Guerrero ToppsTown, Carlos Carrasco diamond parallel, ANOTHER Stan Musial 60 Years Lost Cards, my second History of Topps (1994), Wade Boggs/Kevin Youkilis Diamond Duos, and Duke Snider and Nolan Ryan Topps 60 cards. As for the one-per-box Diamond Giveaway code, well, you see above what I got. '77 Dave Tomlin. I wonder if I'll be able to trade cards for rings. If I can get to 45 rings for that set I'll be quite happy, and maybe someone else will be too with actual cards. There's no way I'm going to be able to get another 30+ codes just to try to trade rings without buying them, and I don't want to do that. Those codes are going for about $5 each. I don't even want the cards - unless of course I'm going to be redeeming all 1950s cards.

I'll add these in to the (otherwise updated) Topps trading list. I actually only need 15 more cards from this issue to finish the sets I'm collecting (including one base card - #24, Neil Walker apparently). I may have a bunch of the CMG cards coming to me soon, but I'm still open to trades. Speaking of trades, I just sent off four packages today. This more than doubles the total number of trades I've completed since starting this blog. And there are a couple more in the works. And I have one I received that I need to post about!

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