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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mail day(s). I'm so far behind!

This has been a crazy week for me. I've been doing major cleaning and reorganizing and keeping myself busy with other tasks as well. For the past few days I've been stockpiling cards to tell you all about. Here they are.
First, this group of cards: a nice oddball lot. There are several food issues (Chef Boyardee, Meadow Gold Milk, Wonder Bread, Jiffy Pop, Kraft), a couple TCMA cards, and that Chuck Connors card on the bottom left. I'm not sure where that card came from (I know the dealer, just not what the details are). It's from his playing days with the LA Angels of the Pacific Coast league. It was a freebie toss-in with something else I'm saving for later in the post. It mentions "Support Disabled American Veterans" on the back. (Oh, and there's a Barry Bonds Gallery of Stars art card for my Diamond Kings collection.)
Next, this insert lot. The Albert Belle in the upper left corner is my first card from the Diamond Cuts insert set (although I might have some I don't know about). I also have a Topps Gallery of Heroes card for that insert, and four more cards towards my "super" collection. 
Next, for my Women In Sports collection, the 2007 Rittenhouse WNBA set. Rittenhouse has been quite strange the past few years with their WNBA sets - this seems to be the last set that was issued in any way that could be considered normal. The card in the top right, #90 Lisa Leslie, has got to be the first and only sports card issued of a visibly pregnant woman ever. Prove me wrong. I'd love to know.

Last, I think I'm in love...
The Connors card I mentioned above was included with a Texas Dolls roller derby team set. This is a hilarious set - the backs are awesome and there are some cards that are just pure gold. I'll probably pull this back out and feature it card by card in a couple weeks. That Bond Fury one is the most friendly-looking one in the bunch. Some of the cards are a different size and shape (as you can see). And the Queen Bitch card is autographed on the back (she signed the card "Queen Bitch"). I've never seen a roller derby game (match? event?) but this set and that Whip It movie with Ellen Page makes me want to see one.

I did a tiny bit of research and discovered that the maker of these cards owns a printing company, and his wife is Queen Bitch. Oh, and he's the coach. Wait 'til you see his card. How convenient! I think that's pretty cool, though. Maybe he made the War Vets card as well. He doesn't say. 

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