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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If I were choosing the relics... (Part 2 of 5)

Continuing the theme, here are the next 10 states for the relic set and what I would use:

HAWAII - People go to Hawaii for the beaches and the culture. So, the relics here will be either sand, or flowers from a lei.

IDAHO - Potatoes, again, being food, probably don't belong in cardboard. Idaho is one of only two places in the world where star garnets can be found, so each card will contain a piece of this rare gem.

ILLINOIS - The Land of Lincoln - the only president born in that state. Each card has a Lincoln penny embedded inside.

INDIANA - Home of the Indianapolis 500, so either a piece of the track, or a piece of racing tire will be embedded.

IOWA - Iowa is driven by agriculture, so it's time to put some food in a trading card. And this state produces what could actually work in a card - popcorn.

KANSAS - Kansas is known as the sunflower state. Since the state's basically a giant rectangle, we can easily fit a small sunflower inside.

KENTUCKY - The Kentucky Derby! You saw this one coming. Horse hair has already made an appearance in cards, so either continue that trend, or you could put dirt from the track in the cards, or even a piece of horseshoe from a winning horse.

LOUISIANA - New Orleans and Mardi Gras define this state, so some beads from a necklace will be inserted in every card. 

MAINE - Among other things, Maine is famous for its seafood. Each card will include a lobster claw.

MARYLAND - home of John Hopkins University and other life sciences endeavors, each card will include a flattened syringe (without the needle, of course).

More states tomorrow...


  1. This is a pretty neat idea. Sounds like the perfect fit for A&G (even though I don't like those sets).

    BTW, as a Kentuckian most of us consider Louisville as another state (Kentuckiana). Perhaps a piece of coal or a blade of bluegrass instead.

  2. Oh wow, I didn't know it was actually a real part of the set. I just thought it was one of the random blogger ideas that are usually better than the card company's.

  3. I had to make a few choices with what could go in a relic when I made this list. One goal was to have something unique in every card, but practical. Okay, water shows up somewhere, but it could be done. I was just thinking that actual bluegrass might not be a great relic (though pressed flowers, wheat grains, and barley all made the cut), and even thought about having a banjo relic, or other bluegrass instrument. If I ever get the chance to actually make this set, I might revise the initial list.

    And yeah, it's an A&G reality, which surprised me at first!