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Thursday, March 3, 2011

If I were choosing the relics... (Part 3 of 5)

Again, continuing from earlier this week, the next installment in state relic cards:

MASSACHUSETTS - Bahston! In honor of the tea party (the original one), each card will have a tea leaf.
MICHIGAN - Home of Motor City, each card will have a car hood ornament - different variations for different manufacturers.

MINNESOTA - Okay, any state that calls itself the Land of 1000 Lakes can't go without being the first relic card to contain water. Alaska can have the flowers.

MISSISSIPPI - Known as the Magnolia State, a magnolia flower would look nice on this state's card. I keep trying to think of a way to incorporate the river culture - Mississippi used to be one of the most wealthy states in the union, but at the cost of slavery and segregation - it really seems the state never recovered. Perhaps a Mark Twain relic would work but I don't know where to begin.

MISSOURI - St. Louis is home to Budweiser, and while many people don't care for it, you can't deny its place in American culture. Again I look to horsehair relics from a Clydesdale, or perhaps a four-relic card: barley, yeast, hops, and water (yes, water's been used, but I wanted to keep this accurate).

MONTANA - with Yellowstone Park defining this state, each card will contain a piece of a bear claw (obtained humanely of course).

NEBRASKA - home of the plains, land of the free. Wheat will be included with each card.

NEVADA - Vice drives this state - with gambling in Las Vegas and Reno and legalized prostitution, I could go many ways with this one. I'll go the simple route and include a gambling chip from a demolished casino in each card. Other thoughts were a billboard lightbulb (kind of hard to fit, though), or a piece of a showgirl costume.

NEW HAMPSHIRE - One episode of Family Guy dealt with all the New Yorkers driving into Quahog, Rhode Island, to see the changing leaves in the fall. New Hampshire is pretty famous for that as well, so each card will have a fall-color leaf embedded inside.

NEW JERSEY - While it's nickname is The Garden State, New Jersey is an industrial site. Each card will contain a piece of coal, for all the coal power plants needed to run those factories.

Check in tomorrow for part four of five!

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