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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My very first trade post!

As mentioned earlier this week, I made deals with three fellow bloggers for my first three trades. A couple of them have already arrived, and here they are:
Chris (FanOfReds) is first. We traded a few 2011 Topps. I got two cards for my base set (Aybar doing the twist and Jeter doing some new crazy jumping style of the macarena). I also picked up my first throwback card. And while I like them, they aren't quite as throwback - sure, the old brown cardboard is on the back, but it's sandwiched with some nice white cardboard. And there's the little foil stamp. You're halfway there, Topps. Halfway there. He also included a nice sticker, which, when I have a place to stick it, will be posted somewhere. I like stickers. (I sent him a couple inserts.) Thanks for being my first completed trade!

After the excitement the day before, I go through my stack of eBay packages (I've been on a spending surge lately) and there's a package from Derek of Tomahawk Chopping. He got a bunch of base. I ended up with two more base cards towards my set, a bunch of 60 Years of Topps I needed, one of the reproductions, and the nice Ichiro Pilots manu-patch above. My Topps 2011 "one card from every set issued" is now 41% complete (20/49). I'd love to get that up to around 80%, but it's going to be quite difficult or expensive getting anything but a few more. My want list for this set (and others) is still posted on the top left of every page! Check it out - I have plenty to trade.

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