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Friday, March 11, 2011

Another group break, some good stuff. And another question.

I'm in on a good group break - 2 teams for $19 at The Other World. Right now there aren't many teams taken, so get in now (as of press time only about 5 teams are claimed). But with five spots taken, there are only 10 left. And you don't have to pay 'til the break's filled.

I'm also thinking about doing my own group break. Any thoughts on this? Are there too many going on already? Not enough? What kind of break are you interested in? Particular products, or general ideas (inexpensive boxes from the '90s, a case of something new, etc)? There's a show tomorrow and while I hope to hit up some good dime boxes (not sure what to expect there, really) I will also be looking at any fun wax there.

1 comment:

  1. Hey bud, I got your cards in today's mail. Thanks.

    As for you doing a break? The more the merrier. Everyone tends to do something a little different. I stick to the inexpensive boxes for those of us on a tight collecting budget, but I do like participating in breaks where autos/game used cards are guaranteed.

    I picked up a bunch of random packs from the el cheap-o boxes at the last show I went to for my current group break and will continue to do that. It was a way to add variety without having to charge much.