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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If I were choosing the relics... (Part 1 of 5)

The most intriguing teaser from 2011 Allen and Ginter is this image:

These are promised to be oversized box loaders with "iconic state keepsake" relics. Numbered only to 50, putting a set together will be tough but should prove to be fun. It would probably damage the cards, but imagine this set framed on your wall instead of a regular map of the United States, each state providing a piece of heritage from the state. I do have to wonder - will the pieces be sized appropriately? Alaska is huge, and Rhode Island is tiny. The sell sheet says they're just die-cut. So I guess I won't be able to rebuild the United States, one A&G at a time.

But I digress. What if I were in charge of deciding what relic to slice up for each state? Well, in alphabetical order, here we go:

ALABAMA - Known as the cotton state, so, how about a piece of cotton? A puff of cotton straight from a plantation, of course, not some piece of fabric (leave that to the jersey swatches). 

ALASKA - Alaska is a land of wilderness and water. So that leaves one of two things - the first baseball card with a piece of water, or even better, a pressed forget-me-not (the state flower).

ARIZONA - A land of desert, so this state will feature a cactus. There are some very pretty cacti out there - just be careful of the needles.

ARKANSAS - I'm feeling rambunctious, and Bill Clinton is from this state, so I think we need a piece of a cigar. Or a whole cigar. However we can make it fit.

CALIFORNIA - There are many things California is known for, but it stands out around the world as the home of Hollywood. Each card will contain a piece of movie film.

COLORADO - Most known for the Rocky Mountains, so a piece of rock brought from a summit will be inserted in every card.

CONNECTICUT - Home of Yale and rich people. At least, that's what most people think. In honor of the the school, a piece of ivy.

DELAWARE - Aside from government and education, the number one industry in Delaware is banking. Each card will contain an embedded piece of a credit card.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Not a state, but I'm including it anyway. Since this is the home of US Presidents, every card will be embedded with a president, in the form of shredded currency from the Federal Reserve. Perhaps we can arrange a deal to get just the corners showing $2. Yes $2.

FLORIDA - Old people and tourists. How about a piece of Mickey Mouse's ear from a Disney World costume! Or a false tooth from a genuine old person's dentures.

GEORGIA - Known as the Peach State, but I don't think a piece of fruit would last in a trading card. Coca-Cola comes from here, so a piece of an original Coca-Cola can will  be inserted.

That's all for today - check tomorrow for another 10 states.

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