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Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Allen and Ginter - my thoughts

I've seen a dozen posts already showcasing the previews of Allen and Ginter. And this will make for a baker's dozen.

First, the base. This is a completely different design - the "trademark" fade-away background is still there, but the card receives some major artwork along the bottom. That has got to be the biggest use of space for a brand logo I've ever seen. It's a nice design, and as before, I will collect the set, but it's different.

I like the mini auto's. This Heyward is a nice one. Even without the blue border frame that this card will be encased in, the design is nice (well, not this card - the red autos go in the rip cards). The frame itself:
It's an attractive frame. The bold blue really stands out, the broken frame design along the corners lends a small touch of "artness" and the flowers - well they remind me of venus fly traps. With white pollen flying off of them.  I don't know, though - the point of an autographed or relic card is to showcase the memorabilia, and the border pulls away from the card itself. Speaking of relics:
I haven't seen anyone else mention that this puzzle piece box loader cabinet card thing has a relic inside. What keepsake would you want from Florida? Sand? Alligator tooth? What about New Jersey? What special relic would Kansas have to offer? Is New York going to come with a slice of pizza? The sell sheet advertises these as numbered to 50. And I'd love to put together one of these sets, relic or not, but I have a feeling it's going to get quite expensive.

Everyone wants to know who will have autographs in Allen and Ginter, and this year I find there are many I'm interested in. There are some big names, but I'm interested in Picabo Street, Hope Solo, Heather Mitts and Sue Bird for the women's sports collection (if the price is right - some of them have signed for other sets). Peter Gammons interests me, as does Guy Fieri. I have a friend who would love to have a Guy Fieri or Marc Forgione autograph.

I collect non-sports cards, so I'll probably complete a few of the insert sets. I'm looking at the Penultimacy, Mysterious Figures, Step Right Up, Uninvited Guests, Minds That Made the Future, and Ascent of Man. The idea of a plantable card intrigues me, but how well will the card stand up to the test of time?

Overall, with the autograph list and insert sets, this is the most appealing Allen and Ginter set yet, at least for my interests. The design is bold, ornate, and attractive. When this product finally arrives we'll see how well it does. If you want to see the sell sheet, it's posted here.

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