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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Card Show Trade Bait

While I was at the show this weekend, I picked up some stuff to offer as trade bait.
All the cards above are nicer hits that I found. Well, depending on your view of nicer. Not rarer, necessarily. I do like the looks of these cards. Chris (Cardsplitter) gets first dibs on the Red Sox cards - I think he might want the Rice. Tejada's back in the Bay Area, but maybe some fans are still interested in this card. Otherwise I might try to trade it around town. I was looking for some Reds hits for Dominic (BuckeyeState), but I didn't find anything. I did find some base stuff though (there are three Reds cards in there somewhere):
The images above and below are also available for trade! Just poke around my lists (linked on the right side). I'm actually pretty easy with trading, I think. I dunno. Any comments from the small (but growing) peanut gallery? I think all the T206 are variation backs. I'm not familiar enough with the Chicle and T206 sets to know which are special or not. If you care to know which back is on a card, just ask! That Bowman's Best of David Ortiz up top is a nice shiny. I almost want to keep it and frame it.
I really like the National Chicles. I already have a set. The pictures are nice - a bit different. That kind of art would be great on a Topps version of Diamond Kings, bold basic colors, simple backgrounds. It's a shame Chicle didn't take off. Compare that to the T206 art, which generally has a more detailed, realistic, old photos-turned-to-paintings look, which I suppose throwback sets should have.

And one last side note. I'm horrible at saving things. If it wasn't for the auto save feature on most programs, I would lose documents-in-progress every time my computer restarts for one of those automatic updates. And as for blog posts - well, I just closed this window by accident. All could have been lost (as if this is such a lengthy post), were it not for that fabulous auto save feature Google/Blogger uses.

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