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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today, I pose a question.

Over the past few days I've negotiated three separate trades, basically with Topps 2011. Storing those cards is a no-brainer - I have plenty (you can see what I have and need here), so they're sorted by set and card number. But the rest of the cards I plan to eventually offer are essentially stored in a few 800-count boxes, a mix of cards from many sets and years. So my question to you is this: how do you store these cards? Do you keep all your cards sorted by year and set, regardless of how many you  have? Or do you keep your smaller quantities (or all your cards) sorted by team? Do you have boxes of commons, with the stars, inserts, and hits pulled separately for easier access? How are those sorted? Or do you just put cards in boxes as you get them (which is what I've been doing while my collection stays in Georgia)?


  1. I sort by team. For a while I debated doing by team and then by year/set/card within team, but that seemed overly zealous so I decided against it. I like my current method - every card is listed in a document, so I can find the team in my document and just pull that team to find the card. Works well.

  2. I really should sort by team as most of my trades involve collectors of specific teams. But I actually sort by sets because I've always done that as a set collector.

    I guess I'm recommending sorting by team.