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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yesterday's Mail Day - a Ton of Fun!

So, yesterday, while running tons of errands in an attempt to finish cleaning the basement, I finally got to a post office to mail off three trades that I negotiated since Sunday. The postal Gods rewarded me with several packages from recent eBay wins. So what did I get?

First, I opened an envelope to see this beauty sitting inside. I already have an Amanda Beard autographed memorabilia card from 2007 Elite Extra Edition, but I saw this while looking for other cards from this issue and said I have to have it. I like the card itself - it's see-through, and would fit in with my This Card Is Cool collection if I went after the set. As it is, it's going to my Women In Sports collection. My only problem is that because it's see-through the coloring shows through her legs and head. If the card is back-lit (in other words, not on a table) it's distractingly obvious, but with a white background it doesn't show as bad. It's numbered 334/550. 
For some reason this week I was pretty successful in growing my Women In Sports collection. I picked up another Penn State The Second Mile winter spots set (2002) as well as this Drake Bulldogs set. The Bulldogs set has good photography, but all the pictures have exactly the same background which makes me think they were shot in front of a blue/green screen. The set was published in the 2009-2010 school year but contains no copyright dates. It covers most of the college sports, including tennis and rowing. The cards themselves don't list much about the players - the backs contain a large quote on being a confidence leader, as well as sport, year, major(s), and hometown. 
These two cards came from different sellers but I scanned them together. The card on the left is signed by Javier Lopez, and was made by IMT in 1996. I picked this up for my Braves autograph collection. The right side card is another card from the 1994 Slideshow set. It's not in the best condition - you can see some of the chipping around the black border. But it seems to be hard to find mass-produced inserts from the '90s.
The last package was the most exciting. I picked up both of these cards together while just trying to find the Shawn Johnson A&G card. I have to say the image of Shawn Johnson is actually kind of scary. I already have Kerri Strug's autograph and relic cards from the 2008 A&G set, and sitting in a box somewhere is her autograph from the Fans of the Game insert set. I keep accumulating Kerri Strug autographs. This one will be for trade or I might stick it on the bay. I am looking for autographs of Shawn Johnson, Sasha Cohen, and Nastia Liukin. 

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  1. I love clear cards. I didn't know that UD World of Sports had cards like those in there. Nice collection you got going there!!