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Friday, March 18, 2011

2009 Upper Deck Series 1 box break. The finale!

Finally! This has been the longest box break I've ever done. Okay, so it's the only one I've done on the blog, and all the posting takes longer, but since I got my three hits in the first six packs, it's been slow going ever since. I'm hoping for something extra in these last four packs, but I doubt it.

Meanwhile, here's a quick recap of the first 12 packs:

Total cards (20x4) = 240 + 2 jerseys
Cards for base set = 77
Cards for insert set = 6
Cards for awards/leaders = 25
Extra cards = 117
Extra inserts = 14
Extra jerseys and autos = 3

So here we go, the last four packs.

Pack 13 (the lucky one).
Base: 341 Jose Lopez, 314 Trevor Hoffman, 326 Aaron Rowand, 309 Jack Wilson, 217 Bill Hall, 251 John Maine, 268 Jorge Pasada, 433 Mets Team Leaders, 401 David Price, 491 Nick Markakis, 470 J.D. Drew, 186 Ervin Santana, 123 Jeff Francis, 144 Andrew Miller, 60 Jeff Samardzija, 81 Paul Konerko, 18 Mike Hampton, 53 Jason Varitek
Inserts: 20th Anniversary 274 Don Mattingly, Historic Predictors NL Wins the All-Star Game
Notes: Finally, a predictor I need! And a whole bunch of base for my set and awards. This was a lucky pack. Except for the lack of, say, an autographed '89 Griffey Jr. rookie card.

Pack 14.
Base: 307 Ryan Doumit, 354 Cesar Izturis, 324 Matt Cain, 358 B.J. Upton, 261 Derek Jeter, 227 Joe Mauer, 244 Carlos Delgado, 285 Emil Brown, 486 Matt Holliday, 440 Indians Team Leaders, 427 James Parr, 163 Mike Aviles, 142 Jeremy Hermida, 193 Chad Billingsley, 130 Gary Sheffield, 67 Geovany Soto, 4 Dan Haren, 32 Ramon Hernandez
Inserts: Stars of the Game Hanley Ramirez, O-Pee-Chee Hanley Ramirez, UD Game Jersey Corey Hart
Notes: How about that? Another jersey. I'll take it, even if it just an '80s heartthrob. Oh, he's a player? Oh, okay. But I don't need this card. Another Brewers jersey for another Brewers fan. And what's up with two Hanley Ramirez inserts in the same pack?

Pack 15.
Base: 346 Adam Kennedy, 363 Carlos Pena, 312 Jake Peavy, 397 Wily Mo Pena, 283 Daric Barton, 249 Pedro Martinez, 232 Delmon Young, 452 Braves Team Leaders, 420 Casey McGehee, 408 Travis Snider, 472 Chase Utley, 200 Andruw Jones, 102 Joey Votto, 137 Justin Verlander, 172 Billy Butler, 46 Josh Beckett, 88 Bobby Jenks, 25 Brian McCann
Inserts: 20th Anniversary 269 Jim Thome, O-Pee-Chee Alfonso Soriano
Notes: I actually have an extra 20th Anniversary. Never thought that would happen.

Pack 16. The end.
Base: 394 Chad Cordero, 377 Hank Blalock, 329 Bengie Molina, 210 Clayton Kershaw, 234 Craig Monroe, 300 Jamie Moyer, 266 Melky Cabrera, 484 Manny Ramirez TC, 466 Derek Jeter, 432 Phillies Team Leaders, 179 Torii Hunter, 116 Todd Helton, 158 Ty Wigginton, 165 Zack Greinke, 95 Brandon Phillips, 74 Jon Lieber, 39 Jay Payton, 11 Max Scherzer
Inserts: 2008 Documentary 4948 Rays/Phillies, Rivals Daisuke Matsuzaka/Nick Markakis

Total cards (20x4) =80+1 jersey/320 + 3 jerseys
Cards for base set = 43/120
Cards for insert set = 2/8
Cards for awards/leaders = 9/34
Extra cards = 21/138
Extra inserts = 6/19
Extra jerseys and autos = 1/4

Summary: I pulled an extra jersey, but there was nothing special in the box as far as hits. That's a shame - that's what I really needed. It didn't have to really be a big hit, just anything but what I pulled. Out of the 323 total cards pulled, I needed 162, and have available for trade 162. Wait, that can't be right. Well, I think I counted the auto in the inserts too, so I adjusted the total above. So I ended up on top, 162-161. But the hits weren't needed. If you want any of the red-texted cards in this series of posts I'll trade for any of my needs. The new 2009 Upper Deck want list page is available if you have singles from this set.

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