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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now Arriving Gate M24. Or my mailbox.

One of the packages I've been waiting on for a long time is the one that contained the top two cards in the image above. See, it came from overseas - Japan, actually. It came out of Tokyo proper, so I was a little concerned (for the seller, not the cards). I saw some very recent feedback posted so I knew he was okay and it was just a matter of time. And today, in the box, there it was. I do find it kind of interesting that cards go all the way from New York to Tokyo just to come back across the ocean to San Francisco (that's over 15,000 miles). It also interests/amuses me that I can get two cards shipped from Japan cheaper than Los Angeles. Anyway, I finally have my 2011 Black /60 parallel and that Bowman Platinum refractor /199. The refractor look really works well with the Platinum design.

Also arriving (last week) is this giant piece of Cameron Diaz... 's shirt or something. At least that's what it looks like. Numbered out of 20 and I think I got a pretty good deal. My only problem comes with how to display cards like this. I've paired my celebrity memorabilia and autograph collection with 8x10s, but putting them on the wall takes up a ton of space. I've thought of setting up some lightweight sliding movable walls and just rotating which ones are shown occasionally. Until of course I get a house where I can have a movie theater.

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