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Saturday, February 26, 2011

1994 Leaf Slideshow - This Card Is Cool

I remember when I was younger one social faux pas that really bored me to tears was when people everyone would sit in front of a big screen and show slides.

However, I've been sorting old photographs with my grandmother, and I sorted through several slides today. One of the great things about slides seems to be the image quality. There's something special about a backlit image that makes it stand out that much more. That's why this card is cool.
The 1994 Leaf set had a 10-card insert series named Slideshow. The cards are made to look like slides mounted in trading cards, and the image is printed on plastic (acetate?), giving it the appearance that it is a slide. I doubt you could put this in your carousel and project it on the wall, but it's a nice effect. As you can see in the picture, you know exactly when and where (and against whom) the player was when the picture was taken. Unfortunately, while the images are nice, there's not as much action as some other sets have (I can't think of a single Donruss/Leaf set where the photography truly stands out). The Juan Gonzalez image is really nice, as the colors of the fans behind make the image look even sharper and brighter. On the other hand, Frank Thomas' solid black jersey blends in with the shadowed dugout behind him. The other two cards I have - Darren Daulton and Tim Salmon - look pretty good.

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