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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A cool contest!

A quick post for the afternoon: Crinkly Wrappers is giving away one card from every year Topps was produced - 1952-2011. Check out the blog! Personally, I love the idea of having one card from every year and I've been planning on creating a display using this concept for my collection. I just have been too busy to get around to it.  Anyway, enjoy!


  1. Follow me at

    Are there any specific teams that you collect? I'm compiling a list to present to the blogosphere.

  2. I'm not a team guy. I'm not even really a player guy. I'm more of a set and oddball person. I guess you could call me a Braves, Giants, and A's fan, and if I had to pick one, it might be the A's. I love what they've done for such a small market team. Actually, I'm working on a post that will eventually tell the world what I'm interested in.