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Friday, February 25, 2011

Are you thirsty? Part 2

My previous post looked at the YooHoo chocolate milk issues in the mid-'90s. Now we'll look at the makers of the most famous chocolate milk, Nestle. Printed by Topps, this 33-card set issued in 1987 features players from the "Golden Era" (which covers the entire period from Babe Ruth through Johnny Bench). Actually, these cards were included with candy bars and sets could be bought through a mail-in offer. Ruth and Mickey Mantle are the set headliners.

Nestle also put out sets in 1984 (Topps clones and a Dream Team set), 1988 (made by MSA), and 2002 (again made by Topps and with random autograph inserts).

Between the Nestle and the YooHoo cards, I prefer the YooHoo. Granted, there was seven years between the two issues and graphics had changed, but the YooHoo card just looks better, and supplies complete year-by-year stats. Though both sets aren't that well designed.

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