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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Random Repack Three: East Meets West

After my happiness with the past few grab bags I picked up, I've been buying more as I come across them. The small pack below ran 100 yen (about $1) and showed a couple Japanese Upper Deck cards.
 Daisuke went to the US to play in the MLB, so I'd say this is a decent top card.
 Wait, MLB? Where did this random card come from?
 And another random Topps MLB card? Glavine's good, but where did these come from?
 I think when it comes to older Calbee, I see 2000 the most often. I wonder what's so special about that year.
 Here's another Upper Deck card. Victory was a lower-quality set issued for a couple years here. There was also Ovation and a regular Upper Deck set.
 Another Dice-K insert. Nice!
 A couple more Victory cards, including a very plain-looking insert.
The real kicker in the pack is this commemorative card for Shingo Takatsu, for earning his 100th save. Any sort of milestone in a career seems to warrant issuing a special card or entire set, or even a whole range of souvenirs. I've seen baseballs, towels, shirts, keychains, clear files, and more. I am assuming it was issued in 1999 by the Swallows, possibly sold or given away at the stadium. If you remember Action Packed trading cards, this is similar in production, with a folded-over appearance and minor embossing on the front.

Can you imagine how many commemorative cards would be issued for hitting 100 saves, 1000 hits, 100 home runs, 50 wins, or 1000 strikeouts in the US?

Monday, September 29, 2014

What can I say? This is the postseason.

I've been busy this past week working on a project that will continue to keep me busy for at least another week or two. It's monotonous but necessary, I feel. Anyway, I have stuff to post but I'll have to get to that tomorrow or so. Meanwhile, this short film is great!

And if you like Bryan Cranston...
And if you like Breaking Bad...
That is all!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Master Set Gallery: 2002 Morning Musume Petit Pre-Name (Happy Letter Version)

 I have no idea what a Pre-Name card is. The main text on the front translates as "Petit Pre-Name Cards Morning Musume" and the text beneath that says "Happy Letter Version". Perhaps there is another series of these cards.

Essentially, these are trading card-sized message cards and envelopes packaged like trading cards. Each pack originally sold for 200 yen, and came with four cards and one envelope.

There are three types of cards, with 15 cards for each subset. They're numbered on the back. There are only 13 envelopes, and those are not numbered. Thirteen idols appear in the set, and they each get one of each card subset plus an envelope. The additional two cards for each subset are group shots. All the cards are below.

The first subset are Congratulations cards.

 Backs include a photo of the girl on the front. Backs of the group shots never have photos.
Next are the Happy Birthday cards.

 The Happy Birthday cards have photos too.

 The third subset has no distinct message. Many the artists have wigs in these photos.

 The backs of the bubble cards don't have photos, and are all identical except for the card number.

The envelopes are the most difficult to complete, of course because they're rarer. They don't have anything special on the back, and they have a full rainbow of colors on the front.

 Each pack came with one offer card/survey.  I don't know what you might get from filling this out.
I bought a bunch of packs super-cheap to entertain myself last month and ended up with a master set and plenty of extras. Non-sport stuff is a lot of fun here when it's sold at a discount!