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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Apprehensive Joy of a Completed Set

Well, it looks like the quest may finally have come to an end. So I'll pay homage to 

For several years, I've been chasing down cards to finish the nearly 500-card 2000 BBM Century's Best Nine set. It started about five or six years ago with a large portion of the set, and from then it's been mostly about singles found at card shops. But to finish this sucker off, I've been relying on online sources. And last week, card 345 popped up in a small lot. And as I mentioned before, it's Yutaka Fukumoto:

It's a strange photo, mainly because of the look on his face. I'm pretty sure this is from BP or some other practice.

As I said, it was part of a small lot, and included with Fukumoto up-close was:

Fukumoto nearly kneeling at a game after probably rapping out a fly ball or line drive...
Fukumoto definitely taking batting practice while an umpire (or someone dressed as an umpire) looks on...
And Fukumoto doing what Fukumoto does best: running. I couldn't get this card to scan straight, he's just so fast!

Those other three Fukumotos are most likely extras. This weekend, I'll sort out my cards and hopefully verify that the set has been completed! And I can finally put it to bed. There are two insert sets and some parallels, but putting together a mini-master or master set seems too daunting at this point: I just want the Wally Yonamine Combination card!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Another Coaster for my Collection

Last weekend, I took an overnight trip down to Nagoya to visit my favorite amusement park. I say weekend, though I really visited Nagashima Spaland on Monday, since my days off are Sunday and Monday. It was a really good day: the weather was warm and crowds were light.

Nagashima has all kinds of great rides, and if I lived in Nagoya, I would probably try to visit every week. One of their coasters, Steel Dragon 2000, still holds the record for the longest in the world. It's 97 meters tall, has a 93.5 meter first drop, reaches speeds of 153 km/h, with a nearly 2.5 km-long track. All four of those were records when it was built. It used to have ugly, bulky, uncomfortable trains that looked like this:

After discovering that Do-dodonpa coaster toy, I checked a little online and found this toy. Choro-Coaster is the name it's given, though there was a whole line of Choro vehicles. It was made by Takara, who was also involved in the Do-dodonpa car. This one isn't of as high quality as the Tomica vehicle, but it is 20 years old.

As far as I can tell, this is the only other coaster toy car issued in Japan. I've seen yellow and blue versions, so I'll probably get a blue version to complete the set. And who knows, maybe I'll discover other coaster toys here!

As I mentioned, this is the old train style. The ride got new trains several years ago which are much smoother and more comfortable.

And this trip to Nagoya wasn't just about coasters. I visited two card shops and a card show on Sunday! Once I get everything scanned, I can start sharing my haul.

Until next time...

Monday, March 1, 2021

Set complete: Cheery Cards to Start March

Weekly Baseball occasionally includes cards as premiums with their magazines. I'm not sure exactly how often. But in 2012 and 2014 at least, they included preview cards for the two annual BBM cheerleading Dancing Heroine sets.

As I've built up my SCM promo card collection, I have picked up some of these cards, but for the past few years I haven't made any progress. In fact, both years had four cards each, and I've had three of four cards for each year.

Last month, I finally found one of the cards I needed. Along with the three I already had from that year. Each pair of cards were included in a little envelope of sorts attached inside the magazine. One seller had both envelopes for the 2012 set. Let's have a look at this issue, shall we?

The Dancing Heroine Hana (華) promos were included in the June 18 issue. 

Card WB1: Akiko Kamishiro, Fighters Girl (Nippon-Ham Fighters).

Card WB2: Chiho Abe of Team Venus (Yomiuri Giants).

Dancing Heroine Mai (舞) promos were included in the July 30 issue.

Card WB1: Asami of the Honeys (Fukuoka Hawks).

Card WB2: Riho Sugiura of the Cheer Dragons (Chunichi Dragons).

The cards use basically the same design of the base cards. The gold background distinguishes them from base cards, as does the Weekly Baseball Promotion notation on the front and unique card numbers.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I only know of 2012 and 2014 promos. I feel like I've had 2013 and/or 2015 cards, but I could be mistaken. SCM Magazine included cheer promos in later years before it, sadly, disappeared.