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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Penn State Trading Cards

I've never been to Penn State. My only experience with the entire state of Pennsylvania was the day and two nights I spent in Pittsburgh, seeing some sights and a Pirates game, and the drive the next morning past Erie on the way to Buffalo. That doesn't mean I don't want to go back. I'm a big roller coaster fan and there are plenty, and then there's Philadelphia (I pretty much hate the Phillies but I still want to see a game there).

So why do I have three (soon to be four) sets of Penn State "The Second Mile" winter sports card sets? Well, the three cards you see, mainly. One of my collections is Women In Sport, and these sets are full of female athletes. Each set of about 20 cards has a few cards from each sport - mens and womens basketball, mens wrestling, and mens and womens gymnastics. In fact, I noticed one name from womens basketball (probably from my WNBA cards).

Most collegiate sets I see tend to focus on football or basketball, not surprising when those are the moneymakers. In fact, I rarely see collegiate baseball cards. College baseball isn't as popular or "important" because of the minor leagues, and this can be seen in UC Berkeley's decision to eliminate its baseball program (along with other sports) next year to cut the budget.

I have in my collection some Michigan gymnastics sets, and I know Georgia released some but I can't find them at a decent price. There were WNBA, golf, and tennis sets for several years, and some oddball issues (olympics, wrestling divas if they count) but that's about the extent of women getting on trading cards (except for Danica Patrick). Come to think of it, I don't have any Danica Patrick cards. I might have an Allen and Ginter card in a complete set, but that doesn't count. All of that is for another post or more, however.

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