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Friday, February 25, 2011

Last of my eBay grabs from the past couple days.

For the last couple days I've been showing you some of the great oddballs I've found from eBay. Gymnastics cards, CD-ROMs, game discs, drink makers, it seems I've covered nearly everything. Now, the rest - stuff that is kind of boring for now, and other cards that I have plans on focus later on.
First, this 2008 Ben Sheets SPx Winning Materials jersey numbered /125. It has a nice shiny gold overlay and fits in my "super" collection. The piece of jersey actually looks like it once held a piece of patch. One more down, more than 26,000 to go...

El Dorke. How about those psychopath eyes? Mullet head? Poor Giambi. I picked up the 1992 USA team set pretty cheap for that part of my collection. It should be cheap - he's the best card in the team set.

Ah, now that's better. A 2002 Topps Gallery Heritage insert of Yaz. One of those numbered GH-CY instead of with a real card number. This fits in my This Card Is Cool collection - I'm trying to put together the set. The art on these Heritage inserts over the years remained pretty good. Too bad the picture is the only part that received the art treatment.

I also picked up 2005 Diamond Kings HOF Heroes of Fergie Jenkins, and a 2001 Team Best AAA card of Milton Bradley. What a name. Poor guy was named after a game inventor. It could be worse, you could be named Promiscuous. Some day I'll finally start a collection of players with fun names. Anyone remember Wonderful Fabulous Monds?

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