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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Mail Day and More!

Okay, got some more goodies in the mail today! Let's see what the postal Gods have delivered:
A Phil Rizzuto patch from 2003 UD Patch Collection. This is part of the "base" set. I'm trying to put together the patch portion of the set (and the patch inserts). This is the 20th of 63 cards I need, so I'm getting there!

I managed to find a second insert card from the 1993 Heroes of Baseball T-202 set - this is Tinker and Chance, with Evers sliding into third base in the photo. Three to go!

Finally, another USA team set, this from the 2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects set. Interestingly, the team set makes up card numbers 57, 58, and 93-110. How did those two get out of whack? And the cards are alphabetized by last name in numerical order, even with the two players who are pulled out of correct numbering. Odd. 

I somehow ended up at the mall today. I wasn't planning on going but I was in the area so I decided to take a walk (it's still rainy and cold, so walking outside isn't the most pleasant thing to do). I ended up at one of those mall collectible stores. I've only been in there once or twice - they carry a lot of figurines and MTG cards and such, and not many sports cards. Today I noticed something I've been looking for - they had some of those card+car blisters from Fleer and White Rose clearanced at $1.29 each, so I picked up a 1999 Vladimir Guerrero/Expos and a 2001 Mike Piazza/Mets. Finding anything in a mall for about a buck seems to be pretty rare, so I looked around a little bit more. It seems like everything there was actually reasonably priced. They even had 2011 Topps packs at $2.50 (the same price as everyone else I've seen in the area). I considered buying the Sidney Bristow in latex dress action figure while I was there, but decided to save my money for something better.

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